Activation Cards for Gruntz 15mm

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Activation Cards for Gruntz 15mm

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$7.88 $7.00

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These activation cards are for use in the Gruntz 15mm SCI-FI Wargame.  They are printed in a small boardgame size card format for use during a Gruntz game. To use these cards you need the Gruntz 15mm SCI-FI main rule set. The cards DO NOT come with plastic protection sleeves, however I recommend you buy either Ultrapro, Ultimate Guard or an equivlant card protect set to protect the cards dring play. The size is Mini American Board Game.

If you enjoy a solo game witha narrative feel, these cards are ideal to help in determining a random activatlation and also help add to the narrative if you follow the bonus events on the cards.

The cards make a game of Gruntz more dynamic, allowing for alternating activation of units using a random determination.  I find it works great for getting more than 2 players into a game of Gruntz because the random nature of unit activation can involve all players,rather than waiting for the traditional I-GO-U-GO turn sequence.

The main Gruntz 15mm SCI-FI rule book includes rules for using normal playing cards, however the same rules can be used with these cards which also add some interesting chaotic battlefield bonus effects.

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1 review for Activation Cards for Gruntz 15mm

  1. Steve Hamner (verified owner)

    Very useful accessory that simulates “the fog of war” pretty effectively, also great for solo gaming.

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