28mm Nemesis Light Strike Vehicle


28mm Nemesis Light Strike Vehicle

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Designed to carry a driver and passenger, or just a driver with an advanced AI system to complement, the Nemesis is cutting edge technology on any battlefield. Emission absorbing coating, advanced ECM/ECCM sensor suite and high-megawatt plasma weaponry make the Nemesis a staple in symmetric and asymmetric Special Operations Warfare.

Its four-wheel independent suspension and power train redundancy allows it to take a hit and keep on traversing the most difficult terrain.


Available as a multi-part resin kit in popular 28mm scale.
Sculpted by Steve “Coolhand” Tyler

Painted By David Woods

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Weight 4 oz

6 reviews for 28mm Nemesis Light Strike Vehicle

  1. Charlie (verified owner)

    Got mine last week and meant to come here sooner. Wonderful piece! Keep up the great work! Well worth the wait.

  2. Konrad (verified owner)

    Beautiful model. I hope they make more models in 28mm scale. It has great detail.

  3. Michael (verified owner)

    Great little vehicle that balances a sci-fi look with modern. Well made, easy to assemble and only needs minor cleaning/trimming.

    Wish you had a few more 28mm vehicles to go with it!

  4. Pam (verified owner)

    Top notch kit. Clean cast. Shipped fast. This will fit in perfectly with my Infinity terrain. Highly recommend.

  5. Lenzabi (verified owner)

    got the 2 I ordered pretty fast. Clean up was quick and easy thanks to good casting, had some minor gaps to fill, and they are looking great! Looking forwards to future 28mm vehicle releases from here!

  6. capalight (verified owner)

    Easily the most positive experience I’ve had with a resin miniature. This model looks great!!!

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