X-14A Raven-Class VTOL


X-14A Raven-Class VTOL

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Multi-Part Resin Kit.

2x Missile Pylons
2x Rocket Pylons

Nose Mounted Gatling Gun

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Weight 2.1 oz

1 review for X-14A Raven-Class VTOL

  1. stuart.elle (verified owner)

    “This sleek little number will get your soldiers to where they’re needed every time.” – Anonymous Officer

    The fit and finish from the molding process needs to be finessed to get the bay floor and door into position, and to get the door to open and close smoothly. Unless you’re staring at the bottom, a little wiggle room in the seams won’t kill anyone.

    Otherwise it’s a great little kit with lots of guns. The engine pods are easy to magnetize, and whole thing looks like it should be making your enemy weep tears of defeat.

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