SX-18 Aurora – Stealth VTOL


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SX-18 Aurora – Stealth VTOL

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Multi-Part resin kit.

The Aurora Stealth VTOL is designed to take a team of two or three operatives into the most heavily guarded enemy worlds.  Able to disembark from an orbiting stealth strike cruiser the Aurora can transit operatives into the heart of enemy strongholds as well as provide advanced air-to-air and air-to-ground strike capabilities.


Sculpted by Steve “Coolhand” Tyler

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8 reviews for SX-18 Aurora – Stealth VTOL

  1. Owen (verified owner)

    Great looking model. Fantastic details. The ramp can be set in so it’s moveable. The parts are very clean and fit together well. It can be difficult to hold all the pieces together. Not for the impatient. I also recommend not gluing the top on unless you don’t want to paint the interior. Yes, this small interceptor has an interior details.

  2. Nick (verified owner)

    Excellent model with crisply molded decals. Fits together well, although as another reviewer getting all the parts together was tricky. I ordered 2 and found the best way was to glue one side on while holding the interior and other side together for fit. Then when that dries assemble the rest. Be sure to set the ramp in so it still moves — and paint the interior first! (Oops). I added small magnets to the side nozzles so that they could be movable. Very fun model and I don’t regret at all buying 2 — one is going to get a corporate paint job and the other will be traditional camo.

  3. Hans Fitting (verified owner)

    Very little clean up required. Okay, no clean up required. Tricky to get everything together, but well worth the effort

  4. Maj. Diz Aster (verified owner)

    Very detailed little kit, a little tricky to assemble, but as a previous reviewer said, glue one side together while holding the interior and the other side to fit. The kit is fairly clean, but I did have minor fit problems with the cockpit/front fuselage. This kit is for the experienced resin modeler. A beginner might have a difficult time with it. Even the experienced modeller should take their time assembling it. Patience is required.

  5. Benjamin Starkey (verified owner)

    Great aircraft! Solid smooth casting with zero flash and almost no clean up! As with everything coming out of ClearHorizon, this is straight up phenomenal!

  6. Dave Bardy (verified owner)

    As mentioned by others, it’s a touch tricky to assemble, but it’s a beautiful little ship with no cleanup required. As with all CH models the detail is amazing and just like Nick I don’t regret buying two.

  7. Marcus Wheeler (verified owner)

    I will be buying another one of these at some point. I was a bit surprised how small it was when it came i assembled. Assembly was really quite tricky as described. I am a moderately skilled modeller, and I had a few gaps to fill with green stuff. The tricks described above might help. There was a little clean up to do on mine too, but it’s a great, versatile little model

  8. darren (verified owner)

    As the others said. Lovely model that looks like it will go together well.

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