Pangolin Advanced Grav APC


Pangolin Advanced Grav APC


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The most advanced ground vehicle in the Human arsenal, the Pangolin Advanced Grav APC was developed by reverse-engineering Hura Technocracy captured technology combined with experimental HADES designs.

The Pangolin can be dropped from low-orbit and slow itself upon descent, but is limited in an operational altitude of only a few meters. The four 6-gigawatt Hansen-Brox graviton generators produce an equivalent of 70,000 lbs of thrust each, although this is only in gravity-counteracting effects. The two directional blowers assist in quick and nimble maneuvering.

The Pangolin is armed with two 12mm caseless tri-barrel autocannons that can provide a wide-range of threat neutralization including anti-armor, anti-personnel or anti-air. Its advanced sensors enable detection in a multi-faceted environment and its ECM and ECCM suites can jam and interfere with almost all known detection methods. Pairing this with automated counter-battery fire from the autocannon and the Pangolin is a deadly threat on the modern battlefield.

As a large APC the Pangolin can carry up to two fully equipped squads or one squad of powered armor.

The Pangolin has a detailed interior with the option to have the doors left opened or closed.

15mm Scaled Multi-Part Resin Vehicle Model sculpted by Steve “Coolhand” Tyler

Base not included, available separately.

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