CLIFFORD Squad Support Drone


CLIFFORD Squad Support Drone


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While equipped with advanced cybernetic implants, light-weight exo-skeleton armored suits and exceptional training even the most dedicated soldier has limits. We at DefenseTec have developed the solution to this problem.

The Covert Long-range Identify Friend/Foe Operational Rapid Deployment (CLIFFORD) Drone can carry up to 1-ton of ammunition and supplies in excess of 500 miles without a degradation in capabilities. The CLIFFORD is also capable of fully autonomous AI-controlled behavior or can be remotely controlled from the M9-42 command console.

The CLIFFORD can also be equipped with a variety of support weapons to assist in whatever mission objectives you find yourself facing. Whether the Mk. N22 Mobile Mortar System or the high-caliber advanced squad-support heavy machine gun, the CLIFFORD is an invaluable addition to any squad.

This pack contains:

3 x CLIFFORD Drones
1 x Hell Diver Operator with Command Console

Each CLIFFORD Drone comes with optional stowage, mortar system or high-caliber advanced squad-support heavy machine gun.

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