High-Gravity Mercs (Sci-Fi Dwarves)


High-Gravity Mercs (Sci-Fi Dwarves)


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Humanity has spread throughout the cosmos and often upon worlds that, while similar, are different in fundamental ways from our own.  On the larger rocky planets with a habitable biome colonies can form and flourish over a period of many years.  Those that do the best and prosper on the high-gravity worlds tend to be stockier and hardier than their brethren on standard-class gravity worlds.

This squad of eight (8) veteran mercs hail from a high-gravity world and have a proven track record as evidence of their toughness. Each figure tells a story and exudes character.

The High-Gravity Mercs squad contains 6x armed with a variety of small arms, 1x with a heavy support weapon and a command figure. They are approx. 14mm to the top of the head and are single-piece metal miniatures.

Sculpted by Stewart Sidney-Rough Diamond Donovan.

1 review for High-Gravity Mercs (Sci-Fi Dwarves)

  1. Anthony (verified owner)

    These little miniatures are well sculpted with great detail for their scale. I am very impressed with them.

    They also fit into my existing range, which is probably their most important feature. This allows me to add variety to my force. Thanks CHM for this great product.

    Now all we need are Sci-Fi Dwarves in exo/power armor and trikes.

    Will you provide???? 🙂

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