Hura Technocracy – Heavy Support Section


Hura Technocracy – Heavy Support Section


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The Hura Technocracy represents an alien species known as the Hura. While possessing traits of both crabs and mantis insects, the Hura are an advanced species that use their technology to give them every advantage. Not only do they have a strong chitin outer skeleton that can deflect blows almost as well as most basic Human body armor, they utilize a powerful series of miniature, close-contact forcefield generators that provide an extra layer of defense without limiting their strength and speed. Their weaponry, nicknamed “Lightning Rods’, strike out with powerful beams that can fry not only organic material but any unshielded electronics as well.

The Hura will often trade technology (often of a lower quality than their own equipment) for the service of Mercenaries in their border conflicts and have found an occasional “ally” in humanity. But only as long as it serves their needs. The Hura themselves prefer to let “lower” species do most of the fighting when they can, but can be a formidable fighting force themselves. They can also be exceedingly pragmatic leading to the impression that they are very callous. Despite this they are avid explorers that have even been known to use human epsilon teams as hired muscle for long term exploration missions.

Each Heavy Support Hura part of the lower-tier of the Hura Species. They are genetically and cybernetically modified to the point of becoming biological computers. The Heavy Support Hura are lead by a handler who controls them.

The Hura Technocracy Expedition Squad contains five (5) metal miniatures, 1x handler, 4x heavy support Hura. The Handler comes with a selection of three head options and each heavy support Hura comes with two heavy weapon options. 

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