Hell Diver Omega Squad


Hell Diver Omega Squad

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Six Unique Figures
Hell Diver “Hacker” working on arm computer and with high-tech goggles
(Also comes with separate rifle if you want to put it on his back)
Hell Diver Infiltrator/Assassin with Knife and Gun (Also comes with separate rifle if you want to put it on his back)
Hell Diver “Colonel” with cyber eye
Hell Diver “Grizzled Sergeant” with cigar and rifle
Hell Diver female soldier with SMG (Also comes with separate rifle if you want to put it on her back)
Hell Diver Medic

All figures also come with separate backpacks.

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3 reviews for Hell Diver Omega Squad

  1. Nellac (verified owner)

    I got these guys in the Hell Diver bundle, but would have gladly paid the full price for them. They had barely any flash on them, and they look awesome. I wish I would have just bought a few of these packs instead of the bundle (see my reviews on the Alpha and Bravo Squads). The long neck issue is not that noticeable with these guys. You get six for about a buck a piece. Not a bad deal for how amazing they look. I can’t wait to get some more paint on these guys. I spent a nice chunk of change for some Clearhorizon stuff, and these were the only things that did not disappoint me.

  2. akosbuky (verified owner)

    Each one in the squad is a real character – amazingly detailed in 15mm! Could not really add anything more having read the previous review.

  3. raymondchouinard82 (verified owner)

    These are really excellent miniatures. All six are highly-detailed and very characterful; the poses are dynamic, there are lots of nice little details, and (with one exception, see below) the proportions are excellent.

    The two issues I have are first, the minis all have disproportionately long necks. At tabletop distance this isn’t particularly noticable, and if you’re a perfectionist like myself it’s fairly easy to fix with a hobby knife and some Greenstuff. Second, the backpacks are somewhat difficult to attach, especially if you want to afix the separate rifles as well, but again a bead of Greenstuff makes this much easier.

    Apart from those two issues, I have no reservations about recommending these to anyone looking for high-detail sci-fi character minis; I am really looking forward to the chance to paint these, and Omega Squad will definitely see lots of action on my tabletop in the near future.

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