Hell Diver Alpha Squad


Hell Diver Alpha Squad

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The elite squad of the Earth Federal Special Forces army. These highly trained soldiers have been blasted through Hell and back in Drop Pods and VTOLs and have proven themselves as deadly warriors across the galaxy.

Capable and adaptable the Hell Divers solve problems the old-fashioned way, with a plasma bolt!

Two 6-strong 15mm scale squads (12 unique sculpts) with SAWs, Squad Leaders and riflemen with separate backpacks.

(2) Command Figures
(2) High Energy Plasma SAW Weapons
(8) Plasma Riflemen 
[12 Unique Sculpts]

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6 reviews for Hell Diver Alpha Squad

  1. Nellac (verified owner)

    For about $11 you get a dozen Hell Divers. I would say that is okay if the figures were were amazing. Though the quality of the figure is great (hardly any flash, and a lot of great detail), my problem is the necks on these guys is laughably long. Because these guys have comically long necks, it upsets me I paid what I did for them, even if I got a deal with the bundle. If I could do it over again, I would never even have considered this pack. Same goes for the Bravo Squad, which has the same issue, but not quite as bad. If it is all the same to you (and it might be) I’d just get the Omega Squad. Those actually don’t have such pronounced necks and look a little more anatomically correct.

  2. Justin (verified owner)

    Top-knotch Sci-Fi infantry with an excellent level of detail for a reasonable price. 🙂

  3. Strike_Leader (verified owner)

    Ok, so I read Nellac’s review and looked at the pictures, but honestly I thought these guys were a humanoid race and not necessarily “homo sapiens.” So, when I got the pack, I opened it and yes the necks look a bit long because of the cut of the uniforms they wear. If you are not going to use them as aliens (like I am) then a quick decapitation (followed by slight sanding and a grafting of the cranium) will make them look like your average GI Joe…well more like a Cobra trooper actually! 🙂

    I have to say “kudos” to Harold and crew because the detail is awesome, they scale out nicely to other figs I have in the genre, AND they come with optionally attached bergens for some kind of LRRP troopers. Damn, I am finding so many more uses, now I need to order more…Curses!

  4. Strike_Leader (verified owner)

    I wanted to include a review on my blog along with pictures. It can be found here: http://5682miniatures.com/clearhorizon-minis-helldiver-troops/

  5. akosbuky (verified owner)

    The necks seems long indeed, but not that bad. Details are amazing, cast is excellent. Really like the add-on backpack option, and that their backs are very detailed without them. All are unique sculpts! A great price tag.

  6. stuart.elle (verified owner)

    I got some put together and just set them on the table to look at. They look great just sitting there. I can hardly wait until they’re sitting on a proper battlefield table. The poses are very evocative. Here comes death.

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