Epsilon Squad – Base Squad


Epsilon Squad – Base Squad

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Epsilon Squads are a Human combat force outfitted with hard-hitting weaponry and Exo-skeleton armored suits. Epsilon Squads fight on the front line, whether establishing an Orbital Beachhead or taking a city back from enemy forces.

The individual Epsilon Squad trooper is a force to be reckoned with and whole platoons can be transported via Raven-Class VTOLs to strike at the heart of the enemy force.

Epsilon Squads operate in teams of six that can then be further broken down into fireteams of three or two (depending on the tactical situation).

The Epsilon Squad – Base Squad contains six (6) metal miniatures, 1x command, 1x heavy squad support weapon, 1x communication specialist and 3x armed with standard weapons. Each soldier comes with (3) three head options and the communication specialist can be modeled with an open or closed terminal. The pack also comes with a command sprue with melee weapon options and additional head options.

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3 reviews for Epsilon Squad – Base Squad

  1. Ian (verified owner)

    Received these a few days ago. They are fantastically detailed, and have several customization options for each figure, which is really great. I highly recommend them!

  2. akosbuky (verified owner)

    5 unique sculpts but 3 different helmets to make all 6 unique. Very nice details. The casts are not that clean as on the other packs.
    The one with the twin miniguns is a bit of a miscast – the downside of the barrels have some flash and one of the ammunition belt has a chunk missing.

    Otherwise excellent idea and very nice execution.

  3. ashley (verified owner)

    These are wonderfully charismatic figure.

    My only complaint, some alternative weapon loadout to make a unit that is less like the ones in the film these are inspired by, and add more variety. Think bazooka, mortar, and heavy weapon teams.

    Then not only would these be wonderful, they’d provide everything one needed for full platoons.

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