Covert Ops – Designation 2


Covert Ops – Designation 2

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This pack contains two (2) single-part metal miniatures sculpted by PF.

Covert Agent “Loki” is armed with a Mk.12 Combat Rifle with integral heartbeat sensor and suppressor. In his left hand he carries a remote hacking device that is also capable of detonating placed explosives.  He wears an airtight environmental suit with re-breather and up to eight hours of oxygen.

Covert Agent “Steel Eve” is armed with a “Widowmaker” handgun. It has four different ammunition types linked by cybernetic implants and can fire explosive rounds, armor-piercing, flechette and gas rounds. All options can be selected instantaneous via direct neural connection. She wears a stealth chameleon suit that renders her almost invisible to both visual and EM spectrum scans.

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  1. akosbuky (verified owner)

    Hard to believe but it seems they are even more detailed than the first pack. Almost no flash and clean cast. Very characterful and also highly recommended for covert ops.

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