Cyclops-Class Assault Armor


Cyclops-Class Assault Armor


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The Cyclops-Class Assault Armor is cutting edge, battlefield tested, advanced combat armor designed to take on the most extreme of threats in any environment and come out on top.

Armed with a shoulder-mounted Mk. 4 AT missile system for hardened targets and arm-mounted 60mm and rapid-fire 30mm autocannons to deliver punishing firepower at any range, the Cyclops-Class Assault Armor is often at the forefront of planetary invasions and urban combat operations.

Designed with an armored cockpit for one pilot the Cyclops can also be remote or AI-controlled depending on battlefield threat and ECM levels.

The Cyclops-Class Assault Armor is approx. 45mm tall and is a multi-part 15mm scaled metal miniature.


Sculpted by Sean Harrison

Painted by Mastergunz

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