Epsilon Squad – Heavy support


Epsilon Squad – Heavy support

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Epsilon Squads are a Human combat force outfitted with hard-hitting weaponry and Exo-skeleton armored suits. Epsilon Squads fight on the front line, whether establishing an Orbital Beachhead or taking a city back from enemy forces.

The individual Epsilon Squad trooper is a force to be reckoned with and whole platoons can be transported via Raven-Class VTOLs to strike at the heart of the enemy force.

Epsilon Squads operate in teams of six that can then be further broken down into fireteams of three or two (depending on the tactical situation).

The Epsilon Squad – Heavy Support Squad contains four (4) metal miniatures, 2x heavy support with arm mounted heavy anti-infantry weapons, 2x heavy support with arm mounted anti-vehicle weapons. Each soldier comes with (3) three head options.

The pack also comes with four additional back-mounted heavy weapon options for each trooper.

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2 reviews for Epsilon Squad – Heavy support

  1. Donald (verified owner)

    These are exceptionally clean castings , and the extra
    head and back mounted weapons are excellent options!
    I’m very happy with my purchase and will recommend
    these to my friends.

  2. ashley (verified owner)

    These have to be some of the nicest 15mm figures I’ve ever had the pleasure of buying, making up, and paint.

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